Jonny Ribeiro is a Brooklyn-based interior designer, stylist, and antique dealer. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jonny’s upbringing in the high desert makes his eye towards design particularly unique. His passion for sourcing interesting furniture, objects, and art can be seen across a range of his projects. He has designed and sourced for many private residential homes across the country. Previous work includes store designs for Ralph Lauren Corporation, working remotely in Thailand, Chile, Bulgaria, and Panama and stateside in Brooklyn. He also designed the cabins on Ralph Lauren’s private Colorado RRL Ranch. Jonny’s work has been published in Architectural Digest, Luxe, and Cabana Magazine. Early in his career he was the showroom director of Santa Fe Vintage, a 5000sf collection of vintage and antique clothing in New Mexico. His private home, which acts as his showroom, has been featured in Domino Magazine and the book “The New Mediterranean” published by Gestalten.